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Current Date: 09/27/2021
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I acknowledge that not all vendors accept purchase orders.
I affirm that I checked that this vendor accepts purchase orders.
I acknowledge that we recommend requesting purchase orders for 5% higher than the expected price.
I acknowledge that my group can only receive a total of 5 purchase orders for the entire academic year unless my group has verified subgroups.
I affirm that this purchase order will be used.
I affirm that I will give a copy of the purchase order to the vendor and attach the original to the vendor payment voucher if this request is approved.
I acknowledge that the repeated failure to use the issued purchase orders will lead to the inability to request purchase orders in the future.
I affirm that I have prior approval if this is an equipment purchase.
I acknowledge that a purchase order is not payment, and that until the invoice from the vendor is handed into the office along with the voucher and purchase order the vendor will not be paid.

Questions please email the group or oharvey@binghamton.edu